Ethiopia  Abera Ararso (200g)

Ethiopia Abera Ararso (200g)


Juicy and Lingering. Rose , cherry, orange zest, strawberry, mango  in aroma and cup. Juicy  acidity. Smooth and delicate. The sweet-tart finish resonates with vanilla, jasmine  and Rose-hips  notes.

2000 m

Kume Diga Wolisho



Station: Biloya


Abera Ararso grows coffee on 0.15 hectares in the town of Biloya. Average annual temperatures on his property range between 10-23⁰C and the farm has fertile soil with shade from Cordia africana, Acacia, and Ensete ventricosum trees. This lot was dried for 15 days on raised beds and processed at the Biloya washing station.

The soil on Abera’s farm is fertile and red/brown in color. The trees for this lot were planted in 2007 with production beginning in 2016.


Yirgacheffe is one of the coffee areas defined by the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange in recognition of the common quality and flavor attributes of coffee grown in the area around Yirgacheffe. This broad coffee area includes part of the Bornea Zone of the Oromia Region and the Gedeo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR). The Gedeo Zone of SNNPR has five woredas, or districts: Wonago, Bule, Kochere, Gedeb, and Yirgacheffe, the last giving this coffee region its name.The Kochere woreda is located to the south of Yirgacheffe woreda, to the north of Gedeb woreda, to the east of Oromia Zone and has a total population of more than 130,000 people. The people of Kochere observe many religions, speak many languages, and belong to many ethnic groups, including the Gedo, Oromo, and Amhara. The climate in Kochere sees 1592ml annual rainfall with temperatures between 16.5 and 18.3° C .

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About Abera Ararso




ARRIVED IN:60kg Grain Pro

VARIETIES:Kume, Diga, Wolisho

AROMA:Melon, Rose

FLAVOR:Jasmine, Mango, Orange

BODY:Smooth and Delicate

FINISH:Rosehips, Vanilla

Coffee farmers in Yirgacheffe are typically multi-generational, small-scale landholders, sometimes with only a few acres of land. Most coffees in Yirgacheffe are sold as cherry to centralized washing stations that help further separate flavor profiles. Yirgacheffe is considered by many to be the birthplace of coffee and the coffee trees that grown in the region are a naturally occurring mix of heirloom varietals cultivated among other species in coffee gardens and coffee forests. Washed Coffee was introduced to Ethiopia in the 1970’s, and Yirgacheffe was the location of the first wet processing mill.


The climate in Yirgacheffe is warm and temperate. In the winter, there is much less rainfall than the summer, with an annual average of 1525mm and a difference of 246mm of precipitation between the wettest and driest months. The average temperature across Yirgacheffe is 18.4 degrees Celsius.