Panama 90+ Kambera  (200g)

Panama 90+ Kambera (200g)


Richly sweet-savory. Passionfruit, dark chocolate, hop flowers, almond butter, wine barrel in aroma and cup. Deep sweet-savory structure with wine-like acidity. Very full, syrupy mouthfeel. Crisp, richly fruit-toned finish with a throughline of dark chocolate.

1400-2050 m




Farm: Ninenty Plus Gesha Estates


For centuries, traditional coffee farm workers have lived impoverished lives and suffered from low wages and belittlement in the workplace. Ninety Plus challenges these standards by making humanity a priority, providing fair pay and living conditions for its growing workforce, and establishing a culture built on taste, education, and collaboration on its farms. With education at the center, we create new opportunities, incentives to advance, and competitive compensation for our employees. Subsequently, our workers gain ownership over their work, their quality of life and happiness improve, and our coffee excels. With this structure, we’ve constructed an expanding community of farm workers who are united and inspired by the common objective to improve coffee.


Ninety Plus recognizes the importance of reforesting and preserving agricultural lands. When we first launched our operation, we knew that we could become an example for the rest of the world by shattering the boundaries of traditional commodity coffee farming. As a result, we set our sights on formulating a distinctly unique coffee experience, entered into a relationship with nature, and put the spotlight on ecology. Presently, we’re dedicated to growing long-living, heirloom varieties that thrive under 100 percent natural management techniques, conserve biodiversity, and maximize the health of the ecosystem and its inhabitants. We cultivate shade-loving plants at low-density areas with native forest canopy trees and consistently achieve exceptionally flavorful coffee varieties. Yet, the reward goes beyond the coffee itself. Today, the vegetation and animals are flourishing, and what was once overgrazed farms are now prosperous forests that are sustained by restoration, topsoil and water retention, increased environmental variance, and a community of residential and seasonal workers.

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KUDU’s collaboration with Ninety Plus Gesha Estates  started on 2017 years ago. But the relationship became more closed when we visited the farm in 2019 and started a direct trade relationship focusing on creating unique coffees for our customers with them.

About Kambera

PRODUCER:Josheph Brodsky

TERROIR:Baru Volcano

ALTITUDE:1400-2050 m

PROCESS:Natural Hot Fermentation

ARRIVED IN:5 Kg Vacuum Sealed Bags


AROMA:Hop Flowers, Red Wine

FLAVOR:Passionfruit, Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter


FINISH:Dark Chocolate


FEW years ago I saw this big, beautiful farm in Panama and made an overriding commitment to listen to what and how coffee wants to be. By entering into a relationship with the coffee plant, I was compelled to factor in the entire ecosystem—biological, social and economic—to create a superior cup of coffee. The Gesha Estates is on 182 hectares with one third being mature forest. The balance of the land is under restoration. The farm is on a special strip of land between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. We have the weather generated from both sides creating an incredible diversity as the winds converge from both oceans. We are close to the biggest volcano in the country, which provides the highest elevations producing the greatest coffee. There is so much to explore here. We have one large river and two smaller ones – all of them pristine. The beauty goes far beyond the coffee and beyond the ecological project.




One of the unexpected perks of getting into coffee is how contagious the love for what you do can be. We now we have a team of world-champion brewers and baristas working with us. But more importantly, we have a team of people who are aligned with us for the journey. They come to the farms and work with us handling the coffee. They get to explore the coffee ecology that we are driving forward and that we love so much.

And this contagious desire is to not only make excellent tastes, but to do so in these places that just feel really good, because everybody is trying to do the best thing. You feel nature responding, people responding.


Ninety Plus believes in the power of taste. In our beginnings, we hunted among existing specialty lots for coffee that tasted extraordinary, and when our pursuit failed, we knew creating meaningful coffee was our destiny. Taste quickly became our vision, and we began developing the first scientific coffee production operation driven by the discovery of flavor. To this day, we aren’t afraid to take risks or break boundaries, and we continue challenging the traditional practices of cherry and coffee processing with the intent of upgrading the industry’s status quo. However, through experience, we’ve realized that we can’t create new flavors without having a fundamentally collaborative work ethic, a humanistic communal culture, and an outstanding relationship with the land. We’re driven to elevate taste with the knowledge