Ethiopia Gigesa (250g)

Ethiopia Gigesa (250g)

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Luminous, clear, confident, lively. Elderflower , strawberry, vanilla, lilac, earl grey, blueberry in aroma and cup. Sweet-tart structure with elegantly balanced, intense acidity. Viscous , syrupy mouthfeel. Resonant, flavor-saturated finish that carries all the aroma and flavor notes of the cup well into the long.

1900 m




FARM: Various Smallholders


The Gigesa Washing Station was established in 2014 by Faysel Adham Yonis, an Ethiopian entrepreneur and coffee professional who understands the value of careful processing in preserving the unique and attractive flavors and aromas of Ethiopian coffees. Gigesa Washing station is located in the Danbi Uddo kebele or town in the Shakiso district of Guji Zone in Oromia region.

850 member producers, owning farms 2-5 hectares in size at elevations between 1800 and 1950 meters above sea level, contribute cherries to Gigesa. The mill produces Washed and Natural coffees. Natural coffees are dried for 15-18 days on raised beds where they are turned regularly to expose the sun equally to all sides.


There are two lagoons and areas planted with vetiver grass to treat waste water from washed coffees. For both processes, cherries are both hand sorted for ripeness and passed through in a floatation tank to ensure uniformity and quality.

The land around Gigesa ranges from hilly to mountainous to flat. The Gigesa Washing Station produces roughly 15 containers each year.

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We got to know Ethiopia Gigesa Gr1 via Ally Coffee. Ally’s Company backgrounds and expertise in coffee empower so as to build an open community around inspiration, knowledge, and guidance. They believe this is the only way to improve both the product and the experience at every step. Their ambition is to continue to build Ally on foundations of shared value and mutual reward and make coffee a global model for business.

About Gigesa

PRODUCER:Various Farmers




ARRIVED IN:60kg grain pro

VARIETIES:Local Heirloom

AROMA:Elderflower, Lychee

FLAVOR:Vanilla, strawberry, Earl grey


FINISH:Milk chocolate

Guji is a Zone in the Oromia Region of southern Ethiopia. Most residents of this region are Oromo and speak the Oromo language, which is entirely different from the Ethiopia’s main language of Amharic. Like many of the country’s coffee growing regions, the culture of the Guji Zone varies from woreda to woreda and speaks to the diversity of people who cultivate coffee. More small washing stations are being built in Guji to respond to the demand for improvements in processing to fully capture the range of attributes found in Ethiopian coffee. The Zone’s principle fresh water source is the Ganale Dorya river, which also acts as the boundary line with the neighboring Bale zone to the east.