Honduras Bella Vista (250g)

Honduras Bella Vista (250g)


Fruity and sweet. Rose, lemonade, milk chocolate, strawberry and peach in the aromas and flavor. Lively acidity. Smooth and delicate at the same time. The sweet tart finish resonates with pineapple, dragon fruit and sweet papaya puree notes.

1450 m


Finca Bella Vista


FARM: Finca Bella Vista


Don López named the farm "Bella Vista" (from Spanish - "beautiful view") following his breathtaking feelings influenced by the picturesque panoramic views that open from the mountain coffee hills. During the day you can also see an incredible game of clouds, which under the effect of air flows, tangle in bizarre shapes, and warm summer evenings you can spend exploring the starry sky.
The land has been part of the family heritage for more than 100 years. Bella Vista farm is part of the Aruco Cooperative. To be a part of Cooperative gives Oliverio Lara an opportunity to study and to have advices about working with coffee from the professionals.


The farm is located in the community of Gualme, about 10 km southeast of urban areas. Regular rainfalls, high soil quality and biodiversity of the surrounding nature make the farm area absolutely suitable for growing specialty coffee.

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This coffee arrived to our Roastery via ifest. Fest coffee Mission is aCompany that provides only direct trade green coffee from farms in Central andSouth America. They represent more than 200 farms from Guatemala, El Salvador,Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Ethiopia. Theypay considerable attention to the natural way of coffee processing, as well asto the experimental aerobic and anaerobic types of fermentation. Collaborationwith them started 2018.

About Bella Vista

PRODUCER:Oliverio Lara Lopez

TERROIR:Occidente, Copan


PROCESS:Classic Natural

ARRIVED IN:30kg Yute Vacuum Bags


AROMA:Rose, lemonade

FLAVOR:Jasmine, milk chocolate, strawberry


FINISH:Pineapple, dragon fruit, Papaya

In 2019, the farm started with producing micro lots of specialty coffee. Bella Vista is certified to produce organic coffee.
The harvest period lasts from February to March in Honduras. After harvesting, the berries are washed and cleaned of fluorides. The most ripe and high-quality cherries are sent to the patio, where they are evenly laid out for drying, regularly mixed and calibrated. Special drying canopies are used for drying - the so-called "African beds".
Natural treatment lasts about 3-4 weeks and is one of the longest methods. The coffee is dried until the skin of the berries acquires a
pronounced dark color, and the grain is completely separated from the dried pulp, which can be heard by the characteristic tapping of the grain in the middle of the dried shell.
Drying lasts until the moisture content in the grain reaches 12%. The natural method of processing is one of the simplest and most insidious at the same time: because the grain is dried in cherries, and there is a large amount of sugar, during processing, fermentation processes can begin, or coffee will begin to mold. Therefore, during drying, it is important to thoroughly mix the berries and select defects.
After drying, the berries are collected in bags so that the grain exchanges moisture.
The last stage - the grain is sent to the haler to remove all the upper layers.
The finished product is packed in 69-kg jute bags with GrainPro protection and sent for export.