Peru Lajas Amazonas (250g)

Peru Lajas Amazonas (250g)


Crisply sweet, rich-toned. Apple, baking chocolate, blueberries , fresh-cut fir, almond butter in aroma and cup. Deeply sweet structure with gentle acidity; plush, syrupy, yet lively mouthfeel. Cocoa-toned finish with pretty notes of plum , cedar and fresh-cut fir.

1600-1900 m

Typica and Catuai



FARM: Lajas

Behind production

Nélida Zurita is a single mother dedicated to the production of organic coffee since her husband, in a macho way, prevented her.

She  is currently the leader of the women's committee of the cooperative and is dedicated to motivate more women to produce organic coffee and to produce other products such as vegetables. she also promotes the performance of women's talents such as fabrics, embroidery and others


She   is an example for coffee-producing men and women who occasionally visit her farm to learn many things. she is currently producing washed coffees with very good cup profiles. she experiments with the duration of fermentation and has separated varieties that help the best post harvest processing.

She also leads the vegetable production group in different communities that has an impact on food security and other economic income for families.

 Cup a lot is a small company that we cooperate since 2019. They  have been in Specialty Coffee since 2001, first starting up a roastery, followed by starting up and running coffee shops, a barista training center and a wholesale activity. Then they  got the opportunity to start buying their  green coffee at origin, direct from the farmers, and have been doing so since 2009.

What they  have been doing for one roastery, they  now wanted to offer to roasteries across Europe who are looking for the same added value of Direct Trade - without the hassle.

About Lajas By Nelida

PRODUCER:Nelida Zurita Puelles

REGION:San Martin

ALTITUDE:1600-1900 m

PROCESS:Washed Coffee With Extra Long Fermentation Of 90 Hours

ARRIVED IN:69kg Bags

VARIETIES:Catuai And Typica

AROMA:Apple, Pear

FLAVOR:Plum Chocolate Blueberries

BODY:Medium Round

FINISH:Cedar, Lavender