Burundi Agahore  (250GR)

Burundi Agahore (250GR)


Juicy and creamy. Jasmine, raspberry, chocolate, sun dried tomato and vanilla in the aromas and flavor. Juicy bright acidity. Round  and delicate at the same time. The sweet tart finish resonates with vanilla, jasmine and sweet milk chocolate.

1650 - 1800 m

Bourbon, Miribizi

Murambi Station


Station: Murambi


Born on a coffee farm located in the Muramvya province, Cassien Nibaruta has developed his passion for coffee from a very early age. After studying engineering, he worked for a few years for a coffee processing company, honing his skills and gaining experience. Cassien opened his own washing station in 2012 in the Murambi village. A few years later, in 2016, he built the Gaterama washing station in Bugendana. While both washing stations operate under separate entities, the philosophy remains the same: produce the best speciality coffee of Burundi, while making an impact at the community level.

From the beginning, Cassien made sure to involve the community in both of his projects: using local building material, employing local workforce, respecting the topography and its environment. Sharing the ownership of this project with the local population was/is the key to his success.


The Murambi and Gatemara washing stations buy coffee from the surrounding farmers - more than 2,200 for Murambi, 628 for Gaterama - and also process coffee cherries from each cooperative’s plantation. As in many East-African countries where coffee is an “easy” cash-crop, changing the mindset of the farmers make a real difference when producing specialty coffee. Cassien and his teams followed a successful strategy: not only did they involve the community and the farmers, they are also distributing coffee seedling and natural shade trees. Telling people what to do is good, empowering them doing it is better!

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This coffee arrived to our Roastery via Volcafe Select . Volcafe Select is a dynamic wing of the Volcafe Group. We are a small team with a wide scope, trained and specialised in sourcing unique, rare and specialty coffee. Our company is working hand in hand with coffee farmers in over 15 different producing countries searching for the best lots each crop has to offer. Understanding your roasting needs is paramount.

About Agahore

PRODUCER:Murambi Station


ALTITUDE:1650 - 1800 m


ARRIVED IN:60kg grain pro

VARIETIES:Bourbon, Miribizi

AROMA:Jasmine, Berry

FLAVOR:Jasmine, Blueberry, Chocolate


FINISH:Sun dried Tomato, Vanilla

While the philosophy and strategy is the same, each washing station is managed separately. This structure allows to better adapt to the community and the local challenges. While 450 goats have been given to farmers in order to support the production of organic fertilisers, coffee farmers of Gaterama were given a cash bonus after an exceptional season, as well as a three-year health insurance (sponsored by a roaster).

Cooperative size : 650 farmers

Drying: 15-21 days

Cooperative: Agahore Coffee