Honduras San Isidro-lot 11 (200g)

Honduras San Isidro-lot 11 (200g)


Spice-toned, complex, richly bittersweet. Blackberry, jasmine chocolate, mandarin, ginger blossom, pine tree in aroma and cup. Bittersweet in structure with bright, high-toned acidity. Delicate and smooth mouthfeel. The resonant finish is redolent with notes of cocoa-toned blackberry, honey and butter.

1200-1270 m

Red Catuai

San Isidro


FARM: San Isidro


Farm “San Isidro” belongs to Osman René Romero Melgar who is a coffee producer in the municipality Corquín, Copan, Honduras. He is 46 years old, married to Licida Yamileth López with whom he bears two childrens.

Don Osman René is one of the founders of “ARUCO’, a coffee producing cooperative located in Western Honduras. Currently, his position in the company is Administrative.

Don Osman inherited a land from his father Francisco Arturo Romero and has been working in the specialty coffee segment since 1996. His working day lasts from 4 am to 6 pm. First half of the day Osman René spends it on the farm and the second half he is engaged in administrative work in ARUCO.

Osman René has a great interest in growing coffee and tries to implement the best management practices on his farm.

Cooperative, in part, assists with funding, provides technical support, and accompanies the cultivation of specialty microlots.

San Isidro grows such varieties of Arabica as Catuai, Parinema and IhCafe90. Farm size is 10 hectares


The farm is located in a temperate climate zone and the ecosystem is perfect for growing specialty coffee: stable precipitation, cool temperature and high soil fertility. Alongside to coffee trees are growing nut pines, Sequoioideae or redwoods, pine trees, oaks, fruit trees and ornamental plants. Wealth of nature not only creates a picturesque landscape but also provides shade of coffee and enriches soil with useful elements.

Fest coffee Mission is a Company that provides only direct trade green coffee from farms in Central and South America. They represent more than 200 farms from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ethiopia. They pay considerable attention to the natural way of coffee processing, as well as to the experimental aerobic and anaerobic types of fermentation. Collaboration with them started in 2018.

About San Isidro

PRODUCER:Osman Rene Romero

TERROIR:Corquín, Copan

ALTITUDE:1200-1270 m

PROCESS:Triple Fermentation 282 hours

ARRIVED IN:69 kg grain pro


AROMA:Rose, Jasmine

FLAVOR:Mandarine, Pine tree, Lemon

BODY:Delicate and smooth

FINISH:Honey, Butter


Experimental methods of green coffee processing, namely fermentation, are carried out in order to increase the potential flavors of a certain batch of greens.

Fully ripe fruits are harvested from February to March. At the processing station, the berries are washed in spring water tanks and cleaned of floaters.

The next stage is macerated fermentation. Coffee bags are stacked on top of each other, building a kind of pyramid. The whole structure is tightly covered with nylon. Under its own weight, the berries release their juice and ferment in the shade for 282 hours. Temperature, acidity and sugar content are measured respectively.

After processing, the fruits are dried in special solar dryers for 25 days.

Coffee is aged in bags for a month or two. Before export, using a haller machine, the grain is cleaned of berries and parchment.