Honduras El Caracol 90Hours (200g)

Honduras El Caracol 90Hours (200g)


High-toned, fruit-forward. Watermelon candy, red wine, caramel, vanilla, milk chocolate, cinnamon in aroma and in cup. Full, creamy mouthfeel and delicate. Sweet-toned  finish centered around notes of plum candy and cinnamon. Dessert-like in the milk shot, all fruit and candy with a hint of cinnamon.

1500 m


El Caracol


Farm: El Caracol


Don Franklin is a coffee maker in the Yaunera San Pedro,' Copan in Honduras. He is 37 years old, married. His  farm is located in the village of El Caracol in San Pedro de Capan, where cultivates such varieties of coffee as Icatu, Lempira, Ihcakafe90 at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, an area of 10 hectares of fruit trees, banana plantations and wildlife.


Franklin is proud of Farm El Caracol. He bought this land more than 15 years ago with the help of his father. He turned everything into coffee plantations and began to grow a lot of specialty coffee, following the instructions from the side of the Aruco cooperative.To get to the farm there is a dirt road. Franklin has only one vehicle for doing his farm and family tasks.

Fest  coffee Mission is a Company that provides only direct trade green coffee from farms in Central and South America. They  represent more than 200 farms from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ethiopia. They  pay considerable attention to the natural way of coffee processing, as well as to the experimental aerobic and anaerobic types of fermentation. Collaboration with them started in 2018.

About El Caracol

PRODUCER:Jose Ovidio Gardoza



PROCESS:90h Fermented In Nylon And Dried

ARRIVED IN:30kg Boxes


AROMA:Red Wine Vanilla

FLAVOR:Plum Chocolate Cinamon

BODY:Medium Round

FINISH:Liquer, Levander

Natural Fermentation 90 hours in nylon

Coffee was harvested from February until March. Cherries were picked up by pickers from Guatemala.

The next step is that the cherries were washed and cleared from the floaters.

Then coffee laid and covered with nylon for 90 hours. After the fermentation process coffee is placed to drying system coved and dried for 20-40 days.

When the cherries have reached the needful humidity, the beans were de-pulped from the cherries and parchment by huller and then sent to the export.