Colombia La Maria (250g)

Colombia La Maria (250g)


Intoxicatingly fruit-toned. Raspberry coulis, red apple, plumeria, lemon verbena in aroma and cup. Richly sweet-tart structure with bright, high-toned tartaric acidity. Delicate, medium  smooth mouthfeel. The finish maintains the tart-sweetness of the cup, while intensifying its herby citrus and red wine.

1650-1950 m

Bourbon Castillo

La Maria


FARM: La Maria


Finca La Maria from Latorre & Dutch is the true expression of Pura Cepa. Our coffee is processed with zero emissions and zero waste as well as a vision of fully organic farming in order to reach full circle sustainability never seen before in coffee. We are revolutionising the techniques available and delivering to our customers all benefits for the sustainability of the industry as a whole.


Finca La Maria is located in Caldas, Colombia. This region is famous for producing the majority of Colombian coffee, often considered the best in the world. It’s also simply a beautiful place to visit. Theregion is known for the steep-sloped valleys and the hot and rainy climate is ideal for cultivating coffee. In "La Maria" the Average temperature is of 23°C

 This coffee came to us via Uschi Zimmerman. Uschi is a highly respected coffee sales manager in Europe and Lattore & Dutch. She also brings coffee from Panama through her company called Panama Varietals. The collaboration with Uschi started in 2015 and the Lattorre project in 2019.

About La Maria

PRODUCER:Finca La Maria

TERROIR:Caldas Colombia

ALTITUDE:1650-1950 m

PROCESS:Lactic Anaerobic Under Water

ARRIVED IN:69kg Grain Pro Bag

VARIETIES:Bourbon, Castillo

AROMA:Plums, Red Apple, Raspberries

FLAVOR:Black Currant , Black Tea, Red Wine

BODY:Medium Round

FINISH:Winey, Lemon Verbena


Fermentum Aqua Batch is an anaerobic fermentation, done in a stainless-steel tank under water which is inoculated with our own "kefir" which is our blend of lactic bacteria and esters (yeast) To enhance the most desired flavors of the coffee. We control variables like pH, time, PPM, temperature, sugar content, and bacteria population.


Pura Cepa was conceptualized by Latorre & Dutch as a project focused on innovation and sustainability in the processing of coffee. Piloted in October 2016 in the region of Cañasgordas, Antioquia, Colombia, where they co-own a mill. They have developed this project to revolutionize the current processing techniques available to farmers at Origin and to deliver many benefits for the sustainability of the industry as a whole.

Everything started for the love of coffee and wine and the knowledge gap found between them. One of the biggest inefficiencies in coffee production lies in the fermentation and drying process, where any number of variables of a given processing location may cause a huge impact on the final quality of the product. Previously, it had not been possible to directly relate cause to effect when high rates of variability are noticed in coffee lots, as wild yeast and bacteria react differently and even more adding the impact in quality fungus and mold generation cause during the processing stage.

The scope of this project is based on controlled processing on the microbiological level. Our variables of control include temperature, time, pH, sugar content, bacteria and microorganism (strain of yeast & bacteria). This allows us to identify and select specific strains of beneficial yeast and bacteria to aid the fermentation, monitor their rates of activity and ensure that counterproductive bacteria, fungus and mold are eliminated from the process.

Innovation doesn’t stop there, we have also created an innovative drying mechanism that has proven to reduce drying time by more than 300% and with no trace of mold or fungus generation, also preserving the molecular structure of coffee intact and keeping the all-important embryo alive. Working in a positive microbiological environment is key to our success, we are fermenting in stainless steel tanks and managing the coffee in a germ-free space to avoid effects of other external bacteria, mold and fungus.

About Pura Cepa:

Pura Cepa has always been a project 100% cemented with science. Hence why, we always have biological engineers, microbiologists, winemakers, Q Graders and mechanical engineers involved in each and every single PURA CEPA washing station around the world, bringing true science into the processing.

In a simple word, this project is directly related to sustainability. To us, true sustainability may only be achieved through resilience, autonomy and mutual respect for all stakeholders. Relationships are our biggest asset and as a result, we are increasingly involved in every step of the way. It is what we know as a multi-level sustainability where we offer higher premiums and education to farmers and communities, higher quality coffees at more competitive prices for customers, organic farming practices, permaculture, floor regeneration and water treatment for the environment to finally achieve REAL full flavored & socially responsible coffee.

Having applied extensive research to the skilled advice from our team, we initiated trials in October 2016. We have successfully executed and started this project in our washing stations in Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia and Uganda. With greats results, we have been able to increase the quality of the coffee in at least 4 points and a maximum of 6 points (based on the SCAA cupping protocol). With a vision to have this processing in all the coffee origins around the globe.

As such, our focus is not on producing ever more expensive boutique or micro-lot coffees but to increase the quality of regional or micro-regional coffees that without these methods would continue being traded as a commercial lot, generating no extra welfare for growers or benefits for buyers. However, through Pura Cepa, we are able to pay premiums to growers as we sell a higher quality coffee at a more competitive price.