Costa Rica La Bandera (200gr)

Costa Rica La Bandera (200gr)


Elegant, floral with green tea and an overall sweet, smooth and consistent, tea like character. Red apple,peach,lemonpeel, raisin and nectarine in aroma and cup. Sweetly crisp acidity. Lively, velvety mouthfeel. The balance and completeness that characterizes the entire profile stretches into a long, almond and tobacco finish.

2000 m


La Bandera

Costa Rica

FARM: La Bandera


La Bandera Farm was acquired through a purchase made by Juan Diego Umana's great-grandfather almost 200 years ago.

Then, over the years, it was passed down to him as the second-generation coffee maker. It was his duty to help his father pick coffee and alongside the savings he made helped with the needs of the house.

For many years, 30% of the farm was cultivated with a typical variety, but over the years he planted different varieties. In this way, different microlots were created on the same farm, one of which is the Cattura variety.

Quality control is a priority for all family members. In the mill, others work in the pulping area and others in the drying area. The coffee is harvested by workers originating from Panama which contributes to the quality of the coffee.


In the mid-nineteenth century, residents of the Central Valley emigrated to the southeast region of the country today known as Los Santos, which owes its name because most of its Districts have the names of Santos.

The coffee grower became the fundamental activity for the socio-economic development of the region.

Los Santos is protected by mountain ranges on the Pacific slope, it is a sanctuary for forests and mystical birds. It produces an internationally renowned coffee, which is planted in small valleys and slopes of the highest mountains in the country.
Located southeast of the capital, San José, Los Santos grows small-grain Arabica coffee, with a good appearance. Its lands produce approximately 650.000 plants, coming from around 22.000 hectares, made up of small farms with an average size of 2.5 hectares. Coffee is marketed 95% as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). Coffee production is located in ideal growing conditions, in soils mostly of sedimentary origin, which are acidic due to their components. Most of these plantations are under the shade of different trees in the area.

Los Santos is characterized by well-defined rainy season that lasts seven months (May to November) and dry season (December to April), favoring coffee flowering and harvesting, which takes five months, from November to March. It coincides with the dry season, allowing for uniform ripening and a high-quality fruit. This also facilitates using the sun for proper coffee drying.

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We got to know La Bandera via Colombian Spirit. Colombian Spirit is a company that ensures that the coffees are fully traceable. Their mission is to reinforce farmer’s quality of living and to support them produce better coffee with sustainable practices.

About La Bandera

PRODUCER:Juan Diego Umana

TERROIR:Los Santos



ARRIVED IN:30kg Vacuum box


AROMA:Lemon peel, Red Apple

FLAVOR:Nectarine, Raisin, Almond


FINISH:Pipi tobacco, Bergamot

A few words

This batch has the particularity that the sunlight arrives from very early in the morning and practically all day until dark, which helps a lot, to make the coffee ripen 100% perfectly;

It also, has fruit trees that provide shade for the workers during the harvest time and in the winter time, they help us to prevent the erosion of the land, because it is very steep and besides that it is located in the highlands of Los Santos. We hope to continue producing one of the best coffees in Costa Rica.