Dripster 2 Cold Brew Dripper

Dripster 2 Cold Brew Dripper


Discover a new way of making coffee with Dripdrip DRIPSTER2. In the Cold Drip process, cold water drips slowly onto the ground coffee. It's all worth the wait in order for only the best aromas to gently extract from the water drip drops and all the unwanted acids and bitter substances to be filtered.

Cold Brew Coffee system also known as "Dutch Coffee or Japanese Coffee" not only tastes fruitier and sweeter than a hot brewed coffee cup, it is also more digestible with its clear design, its sophisticated 2-in-1 functionality, and its compact size, the DRIPSTER² is made for you. Ice cooled, Cold Brew is a natural refreshment and ideal for cocktails and long drinks, such as the alcohol-free Cold Brew Tonic. You can get Cold Brew in trendy bars and cafés around the globe - with the DRIPSTER you can now enjoy it at home.

LOW ACIDITY: Cold brews coffee has much lower acidity and is easy on the stomach than regular coffee. Dripdrip DRIPSTER2 Cold Brew Coffee Dripper made the operation so simple that anyone can brew a delicious, smooth and refreshing brew at home.

GERMAN DESIGN, HIGHEST QUALITY: The DRIPSTER² has been designed by dripdrip, an award-winning German startup focusing on innovative coffee gear. It is manufactured according to highest standards: thick, lab-tested borosilicate glass carafe with easy-access handle and spout.

PERMANENT STAINLESS-STEEL FILTER: Permanent filtration with food-grade silicone seal will only allow all the flavor and oil of your favorite coffee to pass through with nothing else. What you get is a refreshing, stronger aroma, and cleaner finis

100% recommend to everyone who loves cold brew, the taste is similar or better to the expensive product Starbuck or blue bottle coldbrew as long as your beans are as high or higher quality. But at the end of the day, you'll have a great tasting cold brew and you'll be saving a lot of money from saving all the money you would usually use in a cafe.