El Salvador Finca Siera Nevada (200GR)

El Salvador Finca Siera Nevada (200GR)


Sweetly tart, floral-toned. Lavender, passionfruit, roasted cacao nib, almond brittle, allspice in aroma and cup. Crisply sweet acidity full and syrupy mouthfeel. The flavor-saturated finish is deep with cocoa- and spice-toned floral notes in the resonant short and perhaps a hint of sweet, grappa-like ferment in the long. Meticulously picked and processed 100% Bourbon coffee developed by Aida Batlle, one of El Salvador's (and Central America's) finest and most innovative coffee producers.

1600-1900 m


Sierra Nevada

El Salvador

FARM: Sierra Nevada

Behind production

The Aida Batlle Selection (ABS) program is designed to incentivize and educate producers, millers and exporters to upgrade operations and enter the high-end specialty market. The ABS team begins at the farms with the producers, pickers and farm managers and then moves on to the wet and dry mill facilities, management and personnel. At the farms, picking and sorting is explained and effort is made to ensure the importance of only separating the ripest coffee cherries is understood. Blood red and burgundy red ripeness levels and the flavor characteristics each will present is key understanding as is knowledge of which process is best for each operation. At the wet mills, the ABS team inspects equipment to advice on effectiveness and efficiency as well as accuracy of calibration and cleanliness improvement opportunities. The ABS team teaches and provides guidance about different wet processing methods. Advice will also be given on drying processes to optimize mechanical dryers, patio drying operations, or drying beds. At dry mills, the ABS team works to ensure cupping lab equipment, protocols, and personnel adhere to or exceed SCA protocol. Inspection and verification of dry mill equipment, preparations, and subsequent guidance is provided as it is critical to ensure ABS quality standards can be achieved by each milling operation working ABS coffees.


In addition to pricing transparency, ABS producers receive the benefit of extensive traceability and technical assistance from ECOM’s Sustainable Management Services (SMS) program. This is a critical component to ABS; the priority is ensuring farm viability and sustainability long-term. The SMS Integrity program introduces an extensive level of information available to buyer/clients. Efforts will be made to capture, measure, and evaluate the impacts of each farm’s involvement in both the ABS and SMS programs.

Aida Batlle is an El Salvadoran coffee farmer and businesswoman. She produces Finca Kilimanjaro coffee, which won the El Salvadorian coffee award Cup of Excellence in 2003, becoming the first woman coffee farmer to win the award. Except Kilimanjaro she manages many other farms in El Salvador aiming to high quality processing. Collaboration with Aida Batlle and J Hill Coffees Started one Year ago when we bought her projects Sierra Nevada and Finca De la Batea.

About Sierra Nevada

PRODUCER:Aida Batlle

ALTITUDE:1600-1900 m


ARRIVED IN:69kg Grain Pro


AROMA:Levander, Passion Fruit

FLAVOR:Cacao, Almond, Passion Fruit


FINISH:Grappa Like, Red Grapes

Since 2009, the aida batlle selection (abs) program along with j. hill y cia has tirelessly sourced exceptional coffees. year after year, the lots to earn the sought-after abs certification are unfailingly snatched up by internationally distinguished roasters and cutting-edge cafés, and are consistently celebrated at the most revered barista and roaster competitions internationally.

in addition to the abs/j. hill y cia program in el salvador, aida is thrilled to announce the expansion of her global presence through a partnership with the legendary ecom coffee, whose experience in producing, milling, and exporting coffees, are launching abs to new heights. ecom’s reputation for nurturing large and small-scale farmers alike makes this collaboration with aida—herself one of the industry’s most forward-thinking producers—a perfect fit. work has already begun in mexico, with aida’s newly-minted certification of a handful of extraordinary farms.

thanks to this partnership with ecom, aida batlle selection is on track to keep growing, admirably and thoughtfully, year by year into the future, in a now global pursuit of coffees whose quality is simply unparalleled.