El Salvador Providencia (250g)

El Salvador Providencia (250g)


Rich-toned,  complex. Vanilla, Cardamom, plum, levander, red cherries in aroma and cup. Sweet-tart structure with juicy, high-toned acidity  full, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. The flavor-saturated finish consolidates to notes of mandarin, fig and dark chocolate.

1650-1750 m



El Salvador

Farm: Divina Providencia


La Divina Providencia from El Salvador is a fantastic representation of coffee from the Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain range, within the slopes of Santa Ana Volcano.

Divina Providencia exists because Roberto Ulloa willed it so. For us, it is a temple for coffee, one of the best farms we have ever seen. Roberto did not inherit Divina Providencia, as most farms in El Sal land on the ownership. His family only had low elevation farms, but Roberto had a mission to produce the best coffee possible, so he went as high as he could up to the Santa Ana Volcano and bought an abandoned farm.


Little by little, Roberto has continued buying abandoned farms to put Divina Providencia together. With hard work and dedication, his farm has become one of the healthiest and most beautiful farms we know. At a time when coffee farming is not very profitable and El Sal’s production has hit rock bottom, Divina Providencia exists because Roberto is driven by an unstoppable passion to produce amazing coffees and the first price at Cup of Excellence 2020 is the right recognition for all his hard work done so far.

Visiting his farm is a lesson in coffee production, from his use of ancient plant management techniques unknown to most farmers, to his deep knowledge of plant biology, it’s amazing to work with an engineer who knows so much about coffee. That’s why we call him Dr. Ulloa, if there was a degree for coffee farming, Roberto would not only be a PhD, he would be teaching the class.
Roberto is also doing some experimental lots at his farm.

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This coffee arrived to our Roastery via Productor Coffee . They are Specialized Coffee producers across latin America collaborating on quality development and sales.

About Divina

PRODUCER:Roberto Ulloa


ALTITUDE:1650-1750 m

PROCESS:72 Hour Maceration in Cherry (72hrs in low oxygen) , Depulped and Dried as Honey

ARRIVED IN:30 kg Vaccum packed


AROMA:Cherries, Vanilla

FLAVOR:Cardamom, Dark Chocolate, plum




Bourbon is one of the most culturally and genetically important C. arabica varieties in the world, known for excellent quality in the cup at the highest altitudes.

It is one of the two main cultivars from which new cultivars are bred, the other being typical. Historical records indicate that Bourbon was taken from the coffee forests of Southwestern Ethiopia to Yemen, where it was cultivated as a crop; recent genetic studies have confirmed this.

Bourbon coffee was first produced in Réunion, which was known as Bourbon Island before 1789. It was later taken by the French to mainland Africa and to Latin America.

Bourbon grows best at heights between 1,100 and 2,000 meters and gives a 20-30% higher yield than Typica. It has a commercially viable level of yield potential and growth habit but is generally susceptible to disease and pests.


Divina 72h: 72 Hour Maceration in Cherry
(72hrs in low oxygen)