Kenya Gathage 250 gr

Kenya Gathage 250 gr


Juicy and lingering. Rose, orange blossom, lime, toffee and blackcurrant in the aromas and flavor. Juicy bright acidity. Smooth and delicate at the same time. The sweet tart finish resonates with vanilla, lemon and butter croissant feeling.

1700 m




Station : Gathage


Gathage Factory belongs to the Gathage Farmers Cooperative and is comprised of 200 coffee farmers who benefit from deep red volcanic soils, rich in organic matter. Gathage processes coffee cherries traditionally: timely and selectively hand picking, a careful sorting is precedes before the cherry is pulped and processed. The parchment drys on raised beds until it reaches the 10-12% target level, when it will be bagged up for transport to the dry mill.


Gathage Factory is located in Gathage village, Kiambu County, about 45 kilometers north of Nairobi. In the Central highlands, Kiambu County shares its borders with five other counties; Nakuru and Kajiado to the West, Murang’a and Nyandarua to the North and Nairobi to the South. There are several theories that explain the origin of the name Kiambu; one of them suggests that it was derived from a prominent Kikuyu clan known as Mbari ya Mbuu who used to live next to the current Kiambu town.

We got to know Kenya Gathage via Volcafe Select. Volcafe Select is a dynamic wing of the Volcafe group. It is a small group with a large scope, trained and specialized in the supply of unique, rare specialty coffee. The company works with coffee producers in more than 15 different production countries looking for the best batches that each crop has.

About Gathage

PRODUCER:Gathage Station

TERROIR:Kiambu County




AROMA:Orange blossom, lime

FLAVOR:Toffee, Black currant, lemon


FINISH:Vanilla , Croissant

Kenya lies at longitude 34 – 42 degrees and latitudes 5 degrees and covers an area of 580 thousand square kilometers. There are about 43 million inhabitants. The two main coffee growing areas are in the surroundings of Mt. Kenya in Central Kenya as well as the west all the way towards Mt. Elgon at the border of Uganda.

Kenya can produce up to 65,000 tons of green coffee and varies from year to year.

The last few years it’s been around 45,000 tons. Kenya mainly produces fully washed
coffees and is considered by many as the world’s number one quality producer.

There are more than 700 thousand coffee farmers (smallholders) representing
about 55% of the production. The rest are mostly Estates. There are about 3000 small estates with less than 20 hectares, 300 larger ones and about 1,100 cooperative wet mills. Coffee exports counts for about 10% of Kenya’s income.