Rwanda Nova Coffee (150g)

Rwanda Nova Coffee (150g)


Crispy, chocolaty, roast-framed. Baker’s chocolate, scorched oak, gardenia, rum, gooseberry, plum in aroma and cup. Sweet-savory structure with a touch of acidity crisp, velvety mouthfeel. Smoky-sweet finish with chocolate and blackberry notes throughout and a rich floral suggestion.

1800-2000 m


Nova Coffee


FARM: Nova Coffee


Nova grows specialty Arabica Bourbon in the warm tropical sunlight and rich volcanic soils of northern Rwanda. Surrounded by native tropical rainforest, our 155-hectare coffee plantation is 1800-2000m high, spread out on the edge of a mountain and near the beautiful Muhazi Lake.

It is the perfect idyllic environment to grow a truly unique coffee.

They produce fully washed 100% red Bourbon with a complex flavour profile characterized by fruit, dark chocolate and fruit acidity.

Nova Coffee is respected for its great taste and consistent high-quality with cupping scores of 86-89. Our coffee comes in 3 grades, which means our customers can choose the price points and quality they need.

Their vision is to foster a prosperous local coffee community and connect with coffee lovers across cultures. They think coffee can play an important role in bringing abundance and wellbeing to their community and to Rwanda.

Nova Coffee has been UTZ certified since September 2020 and they are in the process of gaining the organic, Café Practice and Rainforest Alliance accreditations.

These will give their customers greater confidence in their processes and consistent high quality.


NOVA COFFEE originates from the volcanic mountains in the Northern Province of Rwanda. The growing conditions are optimal with high altitude (1800-2000 m), great soil, favorable sun, and rainfall. NOVA COFFEE is the pride of Rwandan women. Perpetuating the rich outstanding farming culture which conserves land, they carefully work and help great coffee make the world a little better. With their hands, efficiently, and accurately, they checked and double-checked the beans and high-quality of this 100% fresh and pure Arabica coffee. Rich and smooth, it smells delightful as it fills your place with the aroma of an authentic dreamland blend. Surely, every sip of NOVA COFFEE is an exceptional experience of life and a sense of satisfaction.

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About Nova Coffee

PRODUCER:Agnes Mukamushinja


ALTITUDE:1800-2000 m


ARRIVED IN:30kg Vaccum


AROMA:Jasmine, plum, Chocolate

FLAVOR:Gooseberry, Oak, Ginger


FINISH:Vanilla, Blackberry Raisins


Action for happiness
Passionately, every step in reaching our dream is anchored and conceptualized in day by day farming and delivering great coffee. The complete and perfect one that only Nova Coffee can produce.


A cup of coffee in a cohesive world

As long as we will be inspired by coffee and love, at NOVA Coffee, we believe that we can make every life brighter, abundant and more amazing.

Doing more than 90% coffee work with women!

Permanent employees: 9
Temporary employees: 100-120 (with focus on women)
Women farmers (Berwa Association): 280 members

Number of Farmers: 2 800 Small Scale Coffee,

Model Growers: 5 (+ 1000 coffee trees)

Associations-Cooperative frameworks:

Local traders: 7 (and +/- 10 000 direct beneficiaries)

Yearly Harvest: 6-8 Containers
(115,200-153,600 kg)