El Salvador San Cayetano (200g)

El Salvador San Cayetano (200g)


Presenting a new latin america single-origin revelation—Step into a world of enticing aromas, where milkshake vanilla, cacao, and salty caramel dance upon your senses, accompanied by  cherries and coconut flavor. The  richness of a creamy milkshake, enveloped in a syrupy mouthfeel that lingers with each sip. The  lingering notes of creamy cashew and milk chocolate, culminating in a truly harmonious coffee journey.

1400 m


San Cayetano

El Salvador

FARM: San Cayetano


Introducing the natural processed Ethiozar from San Cayetano, a meticulously crafted offering by our esteemed friends Rafael and Carmen Silva Hoff, who are based in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. Their dedication to coffee extends beyond their own farm, as they also operate a processing station renowned for its strict adherence to quality standards. Situated amidst the steep and windy conditions of Ahuachapán in the Santa Ana region, San Cayetano farm is a testament to the Silva Hoff's commitment to excellence in coffee production.

Carmen and Rafael Silva Hoff, with their company Sicafé, have been instrumental in shaping the coffee landscape of El Salvador. Rafael's unwavering dedication to coffee began at a young age, and over the years, he has acquired six farms and a mill, ensuring meticulous control over every aspect of the coffee production process. Meanwhile, Carmen manages the back office, logistics, and marketing, contributing to the success and growth of their enterprise.

As we proudly present the natural processed Ethiozar from San Cayetano, we invite you to savor the culmination of the Silva Hoff's passion, dedication, and expertise—a coffee that embodies the rich heritage and unparalleled quality of El Salvadoran coffee.


Santa Ana, the second-largest city in El Salvador, boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage intertwined with its vibrant coffee industry. Located in the western part of the country, Santa Ana is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the Santa Ana volcano, which serves as a prominent landmark in the region. Historically, Santa Ana has been a hub of coffee production, with numerous coffee farms dotting its lush hillsides. The city's coffee heritage dates back generations, with families like the Silva Hoffs playing a pivotal role in shaping the region's coffee landscape.

Today, Santa Ana continues to thrive as a center of coffee excellence, with its producers consistently delivering exceptional coffees known for their complexity, depth, and unique flavor profiles. The city's coffee culture is deeply ingrained in its identity, with coffee festivals, competitions, and events celebrating the region's rich coffee heritage. As Santa Ana embraces the future while honoring its past, it remains a beacon of coffee excellence in El Salvador, captivating the palates of coffee enthusiasts worldwide with its exceptional offerings.

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El Salvador San Cayetano arrived to our roastery via EL CAFÉ, a company established in 2000 by Vasileios G. Anastasopoulos that is solely concerned in the coffee producing countries with discovering new coffee varieties on special farms.

Since then they supplie most of the largest coffee producing companies in Greece, by remaining as a dedicated green coffee import and trading company.

About San Cayetano

PRODUCER:Rafael Silva




ARRIVED IN:5x30 kg vaccum sealed


AROMA:Milkshake Vanilla, Cacao

FLAVOR:Milk chocolate, Berries, Salty caramel


FINISH:Cashew, Milk chocolate

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Their investment in the San Pedro mill in 2010 exemplifies their commitment to quality and control. Here, they meticulously process coffee from their own farms, meticulously separating day lots and varietals. Additionally, they process coffee for other producers in the area, further contributing to the region's reputation for exceptional coffee.

Carmen and Rafael's dedication to quality has been recognized numerous times, with their farms winning prestigious awards such as the El Salvador Cup of Excellence and the Silver award at the Agenca Pour la Valoriastion des Produits Agirole. Their relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with their focus on sustainability and community engagement, has made them exemplary figures in the Salvadoran coffee industry.

About Ethiozar

Ethiozar is an Ethiopian coffee varietal known for its unique flavor profile and exceptional cup quality. It is a hybrid variety developed by combining Ethiopian and Tanzanian coffee cultivars, resulting in a coffee plant with distinct characteristics. Ethiozar is prized for its vibrant acidity, floral aromas, and fruity flavors, often exhibiting notes of citrus, berries, and tropical fruits.

This varietal has gained popularity among coffee producers and enthusiasts for its ability to thrive in diverse growing conditions while producing coffees of exceptional quality. Ethiozar's resilience to pests and diseases, coupled with its remarkable cup profile, has made it a sought-after choice for coffee cultivation in various regions around the world.

In the context of El Salvador, the adoption of the Ethiozar varietal by producers like Carmen and Rafael Silva Hoff demonstrates their commitment to innovation and their pursuit of unique and exceptional coffees. The natural processed Ethiozar from San Cayetano represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation—a testament to the Silva Hoff's dedication to pushing the boundaries of coffee quality and flavor.