Delivery Terms

1. Pick up from the store

Grigoriou Lampraki 47, Lykovrysi, 14123. After confirmation of completion of the order.

2. Delivery by courier

For orders under 40 € and for packages up to 2 kg, the buyer is charged with € 2.20 + VAT (24%) for shipping costs by credit card payment, deposit in the company's bank account or PayPal.

 +1,00 € (including VAT) for each additional kg.

For orders over 40 € the shipping costs are free for the Greek territory.

For orders over € 70 shipping costs are free for EU countries. (containing only coffees and beverages)

* The pricing policy for transport charges only applies to transfers within the Greek Territory.

** For the charges of foreign countries, the out-of-area list of TNT applies according to the country zones and the weight of the package.

For the Greek territory, the delivery of the goods will take place from 1 to 3 working days.