Kenya Kutere AA (250g)

Kenya Kutere AA (250g)


Introducing our latest single-origin sensation—Get on a journey through fragrant dark berries, chocolate, and prune aromas. In the taste feel the essence of chocolate, blackcurrant, and succulent apricot flavor with a silky mouthfeel. As you linger, discover a symphony of green apple, vanilla, and jasmine liquor in the aftertaste—a harmonious conclusion to this remarkable coffee revelation.

1800 m

SL28, Ruiru 11, Batian, SL34, k7



FARM: Nyeri

The Kutere washing station, situated in the heart of the Nyeri region of Kenya, stands as a beacon of excellence in coffee processing. Established with a commitment to quality and sustainability, the station plays a pivotal role in transforming freshly harvested coffee cherries into the exquisite beans that grace cups around the globe.Founded by a collective of dedicated coffee producers, the Kutere washing station embodies a tradition of meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. Its operations are characterized by a harmonious blend of traditional methods and modern techniques, ensuring that each batch of coffee receives the utmost care and attention. At the heart of the station's operations is a state-of-the-art processing facility, equipped with machinery designed to handle the delicate task of coffee cherry processing. Cherries are carefully sorted upon arrival, with only the ripest and highest-quality ones selected for further processing.
Nyeri, is within the central highlands of Kenya, boasts exceptional coffee-growing conditions, making it a premier coffee-producing region globally. Its high-altitude coffee farms, ranging from approximately 1,700 to 2,000 meters above sea level, foster slower cherry maturation and more complex flavor development. The region's mild, temperate climate, marked by distinct wet and dry seasons, ensures ample rainfall crucial for coffee plant growth and cherry development.

Nyeri's volcanic soil, rich in nutrients, combined with its moderate temperatures of 15°C to 25°C, provides an ideal foundation for coffee cultivation. Within Nyeri, diverse microclimates influenced by altitude, topography, and proximity to water bodies result in subtle flavor variations among coffees from different sub-regions. Overall, Nyeri's unique combination of altitude, climate, soil, and microclimates produces high-quality coffee beans renowned for their complex flavors, vibrant acidity, and distinctive terroir.
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Kenya Kutere AA arrived to our roastery via EL CAFÉ, a company established in 2000 by Vasileios G. Anastasopoulos that is solely concerned in the coffee producing countries with discovering new coffee varieties on special farms.
Since then they supplie most of the largest coffee producing companies in Greece, by remaining as a dedicated green coffee import and trading company.

About Kutere AA

PRODUCER:Kutere Washing Station




ARRIVED IN:5x30 kg vaccum sealed

VARIETIES:Ruiru, Sl28 ,sl34,k7

AROMA:Dark berries, chocolate, prume

FLAVOR:Raspberries, Wine, Strawberies, Sugar


FINISH:Grapefruit, Levander

The journey of the coffee beans begins with pulping, where the outer skin of the cherries is gently removed to reveal the precious beans within. Following pulping, the beans undergo a meticulous fermentation process, during which they are immersed in water to enhance their flavor and aroma.

After fermentation, the beans are thoroughly washed to remove any remaining pulp, leaving behind pristine coffee beans ready for drying. Under the watchful eye of skilled workers, the beans are carefully spread out on raised drying beds, where they bask in the warm Kenyan sun.

Throughout the drying process, the beans are meticulously monitored and turned regularly to ensure uniform drying and optimal flavor development. Once dried to perfection, the beans are carefully bagged and prepared for export, ready to embark on their journey to coffee lovers around the world.

The AA designation refers to the screen size and quality grade of the coffee beans. AA beans are typically larger and considered of higher quality due to their denser and more flavorful nature. This grading system is unique to Kenya and is based on the size, shape, and density of the beans.

Overall, the Kenya Kutere AA washed coffee represents the culmination of careful cultivation, processing, and craftsmanship characteristic of the Nyeri region. Its distinct flavor profile and high quality make it a sought-after coffee among enthusiasts worldwide.