Aluminum capsules

Aluminum capsules "AMULET" Colombia 50x6 gr

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Wine and bitter almond notes. Our Capsules contain 100% washed coffee from a very high altitude in the Narino area of ​​Colombia. Interce acidity in the aftertaste but in perfect balance with its aromas.

*Capsules are not compatible with the following espresso machines:

  • Krups Nespresso Prodigio
  • Delonghi Nespresso Pixie
  • Delonghi Nespresso Expert EN350
  • Delonghi Nespresso Expert EN355
  • Delonghi  Nespresso EN110b

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Intensity 2/5


Various Farms


There is no doubt that capsules are an integral part of the modern coffee landscape since many consumers are turning to faster and more user-friendly ways to make their coffee.

Most of the times it is almost impossible for every consumer to have the necessary or proper equipment and knowledge in order to get the desired result in the cup by extracting coffee at home.

This means that the world of specialty coffee and the Capsule’s industry will probably need to find a way to connect their differences.

KUDU Coffee is a company with a main goal to offer superior quality coffee from all over the world.


The factors that affect the final product are many and mainly concern the different roasting, the way the beans are ground, the machines used to extract the coffee or the element of the human factor (eg Barista). Consequently, the consistency in the final quality of the cup cannot always be ensured.

This big gap is going to be filled by KUDU Coffee. They enclosed their excellent quality coffee in practical and easy-to-use capsules. So, just by pushing a button, everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite KUDU beverage, at any time!

*Compatible with household Nespresso® Original* machines.

*Trademark of a third party, not connected to KUDU EE