Colombia Los Pinos Primavera  (200g)

Colombia Los Pinos Primavera (200g)


Floral-toned, sweetly tart. Green apple, guava, dark chocolate, star jasmine zest, tangerine, lemon thyme in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart with juicy-bright acidity,  full, syrupy mouthfeel. Delicately floral finish with undertones of lime.


Pink Bourbon

Los Pinos, Primavera


FARM:Los Pinos, Primavera

Once upon a time in the verdant hills of Huila, Colombia, there was a magical coffee variety known far and wide as Pink Bourbon. This enchanting bean, with its charming pink hue, was said to have sprung from a delightful union between the Red and Yellow Bourbon varieties. Nestled in the embrace of lush volcanic soil and kissed by the sun at just the right altitude, Huila provided the perfect stage for this dazzling coffee to dazzle. The Pink Bourbon quickly became the talk of the town among local farmers, winning hearts with its downright dreamy cup profile—think sweet caramel, delicate florals, and a whisper of tropical fruitiness. And oh, how it thrived!

Withstanding the whims of Huila's diverse microclimates and embracing every altitude with open arms, the Pink Bourbon became the pride and joy of growers across the region. With tender loving care and a sprinkle of passion, farmers tended to their coffee plants, watching over them like precious treasures.

Fast forward to today, and the Pink Bourbon still reigns supreme in Huila, a shining testament to the beautiful dance between Mother Nature's blessings and the tender touch of dedicated coffee cultivators. So, grab your mug and join in the celebration of this truly magical brew—it's a taste of happiness in every sip!
Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Colombia, the region of Huila is renowned as a coffee lover's paradise, boasting a rich tapestry of flavors and a vibrant coffee culture. Situated in the southern part of the country, Huila is blessed with fertile soils, a temperate climate, and the perfect altitude, making it an ideal haven for coffee cultivation. Here, amidst the rolling hills and verdant valleys, coffee farmers labor tirelessly, tending to their cherished coffee plants with love and dedication. One key player in the journey of Huila's coffee to the world stage is Forest Importers, a company dedicated to sourcing and importing the finest coffees from regions like Huila and beyond. With a passion for quality and sustainability, Forest Importers serves as a bridge between the growers of Huila and coffee enthusiasts around the globe. Through direct relationships and partnerships with local farmers, Forest Importers ensures that Huila's exceptional coffees are brought to market with integrity and care.

But Forest Importers' role goes beyond mere importation—it's a story of collaboration and empowerment. By working closely with farmers in Huila, Forest Importers helps to strengthen local communities, promote sustainable farming practices, and ensure fair compensation for their hard work. Each cup of coffee sourced through Forest Importers is not just a beverage but a testament to the shared values of quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.
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During our visit to Colombia this year, we had the incredible opportunity to explore El Vergel farm and meet the Bayter family, who are the proud owners.

Notably, we established a direct relationship with Shady Bayter, the owner of the Forest company, which imports coffee to Europe.

Thanks to this special connection, we were able to bring this unique Colombian coffee directly to our roastery. It's a testament to the power of personal connections and the journey of our coffee from farm to cup.

About Los Pinos

PRODUCER:Edier Perdomo





VARIETIES:Pink Bourbon

AROMA:Lime, Thyme

FLAVOR:Strawberry, Tangerine


FINISH:Green apple, Green Tea

Introducing our Pink Bourbon, celebrated for its vibrant fermentation process! The journey begins with a 24-hour pre-fermentation nestled within the cherry itself, kickstarting the beans' flavor evolution. Following this, a 36-hour aerobic fermentation unfolds, cocooning the beans snugly in bags draped with mucilage blankets. Finally, they bask in the sun's warm embrace on raised beds for approximately 15 days. This meticulous process guarantees a tropical escape for your taste buds—each sip is a sun-soaked delight bursting with flavor!