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Cold Brew is a drink that has become very popular lately and is the main choice of all those who love filter coffee and want to enjoy it during summer time.

What most people confuse is the terms Cold Brew and Iced Brew. However, their separation is very simple. When we talk about Cold Brew, we are talking about the method of making coffee and we do not mean iced coffee. The term iced is used for a beverage that to prepare it, you actually cool hot coffee by adding ice. On the other hand, the process of making coffee with the method of Cold Brewing is much more time consuming but that is where the difference in taste comes from.

It takes about 8 to 12 hours for Cold Brew to end up in your cup. During the brewing process, the coffee is soaked in room temperature water or colder. The longer the coffee remains in the water, the stronger its intensity and aroma will be.

Compared to other types of coffee, its preparation may be more time consuming, but the result will reward you and you will see that every drop really counts! Due to the low temperature of the water and the time required for its preparation, all the aromas are released and the taste characteristics of the coffee are highlighted.

In addition, the positives of the cold brew include both the fact that it can be kept in the refrigerator for two to three days and the fact that you can prepare it at home. Of course, you need to have the appropriate equipment. That's why we present you the Asobu Cold Coffee Brewer, which came to simplify things. Portable, easy to use and above all made of quality materials. Whichever method you prefer, hot or cold extraction, the Asobu Cold Coffee Brewer will extract 900ml of drink on its isothermal server made of 18/10 stainless steel, which thanks to the airtight lid that you can take it with you anywhere!

Start now with the following coffee varieties:

  • COLOMBIA LA MARIA: Raspberry, red apple, lemon in aroma and taste. Thin to medium smooth mouth. The aftertaste maintains the acidic sweetness of the cup, while enhancing the citrus and red wine.
  • ETHIOPIA GUJI ALLONA GR1: Dark berries with chocolate, freesia, hazelnut, cedar in aroma and taste. Sweet and sour structure with intense acidity and velvety texture. Crunchy sensation in the mouth. Cocoa and berries in the aftertaste with a combination of spicy flowers.