Nicaragua El Diamante (250g)

Nicaragua El Diamante (250g)


Savor the symphony of our coffee, where the richness of milk chocolate harmonizes with the sweetness of ripe strawberries. As you delve deeper, the subtle hints of sage and vanilla embrace your senses, creating an intricate dance of flavors. A bright note of zesty lime cuts through, accentuating the velvety mouthfeel that envelops your palate. In the background, the essence of cacao and the sophistication of red wine converge, completing this captivating and harmonious profile. It's a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to experience coffee in a whole new light.

1400-1600 m

Cattura, Bourbon, Catuai

El Diamante Jinotega


FARM: El Diamante Jinotega


In the world of independent coffee farming, the journey to earn a dignified livelihood can be arduous. Don Francisco and Blanca Nieve, like many dedicated farming families, once faced the harsh reality of selling their harvest to a local cooperative, which, sadly, couldn't provide the support they needed.

Their fortunes changed when they crossed paths with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (GMCG). This partnership has not only enabled their exceptional coffees to reach discerning small-batch roasters like us but has also empowered them to expand their operations significantly. With the backing of GMCG, Don Francisco and Blanca Nieve have tripled the size of their beloved El Diamante farm and even ventured to acquire a second farm.

Their story exemplifies resilience, dedication, and the transformative impact of ethical coffee partnerships.


Nestled in the picturesque region of Jinotega, Northern Nicaragua, lies the enchanting El Diamante farm, meticulously tended by Don Francisco and Blanca Nieve. This breathtaking estate graces the high-altitude landscape at approximately 1,400 meters above sea level (4,500 feet).
At this elevated haven, they cultivate an exquisite array of washed coffee varietals, including Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, and Catuai.

Their most coveted offering, "The Reds," delights the palate with enchanting notes of red apple, cherry, and honey. Renowned for its excellence, this coffee has claimed numerous Golden Bean awards in North American roasting competitions.

Whether you savor a pristine cup of filter coffee, a straight-up espresso, or a luscious milk-based creation, the delights of El Diamante await to captivate your senses.

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El Diamante arrived to our roastery via EL CAFÉ, a company established in 2000 by Vasileios G. Anastasopoulos that is solely concerned in the coffee producing countries with discovering new coffee varieties on special farms. Since then they supplie most of the largest coffee producing companies in Greece, by remaining as a dedicated green coffee import and trading company.

About El Diamante

PRODUCER:Don Francisco


ALTITUDE:1400-1600 m


ARRIVED IN:70kg Bags

VARIETIES:Cattura, Bourbon, Catuai

AROMA:Milk Choco, Strawberry

FLAVOR:Sage, Cinamon , Lime


FINISH:Cacao, red wine

The Red Honey process, a captivating variation in coffee processing, infuses beans with an array of nuanced flavors.

In this method, ripe coffee cherries are meticulously pulped, leaving a substantial amount of the sticky mucilage clinging to the parchment-covered beans.

This natural embrace with the fruit's sugars sets the stage for transformation. The beans are then spread out to dry, often on raised beds or patios, under the sun's warmth. The name "Red Honey" arises from the striking reddish hue of the dried mucilage.

This process delivers a remarkable amalgamation of characteristics, from the luscious sweetness reminiscent of honey to the vibrant, fruity notes that infuse the coffee, offering a sensory journey that coffee aficionados truly cherish.