The 7th Hellenic AeroPress Championship is coming, and we want YOU there!

Calling all coffee lovers – whether you're a barista pro or just passionate about the
perfect brew – this is your moment.

Limited spots, unlimited fun!

Don't miss your chance to join the excitement at the 7th Hellenic AeroPress Championship 2024.

Dust off your secret coffee recipes, fire up those grinders, and get ready to brew up a storm. Create a filter coffee that's pure perfection – we're searching for the ultimate balanced cup, bursting with flavor and aroma. The winning sip awaits!

Save the date, spread the word, and get set for a coffee showdown like no other.

The 7th Hellenic AeroPress Championship is brewing up, and it's time to pour in
your passion!



PLYFA( )We make space for the arts

(WAC 2024)

World AeroPress Championship

World AeroPress Championship was created in 2008 by Tim Wendelboe and Tim
Varney and has since become one of the most exciting and unique competition

The winner of the 2024 Hellenic AeroPress Championship will win qualification,
airfare and accommodation in Lisbon, Portugal to represent Greece at the World
AeroPress Championship in September 2024.

19-21 of September 2024.

Lisbon, Portugal

Competition Coffees

The competitors will be given 7 days before the Hellenic Aeropress Championship the coffee with which they will compete in the qualifying phase.

In the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final, coffee will be served on the day of the competition and at least 15' before each competitor goes on stage.

The qualifier coffees will be roasted by KUDU Coffee!

Official Rules

The rules are simple.

Judges will judge blindly, based solely on taste and the best AeroPress extraction method. Through the conduct of an open and transparent competition, it is sought to highlight and optimize the different techniques that the use of AeroPress offers us.

Aero...Press Your Vision & Fly to Lisbon!


Tuesday, September 10, 2024, 11:00 – 20:00

The contestant's preparation time starts at 11:00 am on 10/09/2024

Location: PLYFA ( ) We make space for the arts

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Code of Conduct

The World AeroPress Championship exists to bring coffee-loving people together in an open, inclusive, and fun environment. By taking part, you agree to uphold this mission and adhere to our Code of Conduct:

We believe that everyone involved has a right to feel welcomed and valued in our community, regardless of gender, religion, race, age, ethnicity, appearance or sexual orientation. Behaviour, whether intentional or not, that causes other participants to feel uncomfortable, harassed, or victimised will not be tolerated by the organisers. We expect that members of the W.A.C community be genuinely considerate of others at all times, without exception. Failure to meet this expectation may result in expulsion from an event, without notice or refund. 


If you are made to feel uncomfortable, or experience it happening to someone else, please notify us immediately.

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