Hellenic AeroPress Championship 2024 TICKET

Hellenic AeroPress Championship 2024 TICKET


Are you a passionate coffee enthusiast or a skilled Barista looking for a thrilling challenge?

Join the 7th Hellenic AeroPress Championship 2024 and let your coffee skills take you to new heights!

Win the ultimate prize - a ticket to the prestigious 2024 World AeroPress Championship in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, held in September! 

Secure your spot now by purchasing your participation ticket here.

Participation Details:

  • Minimum 18 participants, Maximum 72 participants.
  • Companies can have up to 5 contestants.
  • COMANDANTE grinder is the only allowed grinder for the competition

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The winner must be prepared to travel to Portugal 8 days after the Hellenic AeroPress Championship!!!

*The ticket is in electronic form, by choosing a delivery method, you choose the way you wish to receive the coffee of the first round

Details & rules