Colombia Inmaculada Fellow Farms  (200g)

Colombia Inmaculada Fellow Farms (200g)


Embark on a captivating coffee odyssey with this exquisite lot. The aroma tantalizes, intertwining notes of apricot and strawberry, evoking memories of sun-kissed orchards. Upon your first sip, the palate is serenaded by the harmonious dance of rhubarb and strawberry, creating a delightful symphony of flavors. Experience the lush, juicy texture that envelops your senses with its silky embrace. As the journey concludes, relish the enduring aftertaste that whispers of red grapes and rhubarb, leaving a lasting impression. Each sip is a masterpiece, celebrating the intricate artistry of these remarkable beans.

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Fellow Farms Inmaculada


FARM: Fellow Farms Inmaculada


At the beginning of 2022, Inmaculada Coffee Farms, had the opportunity to meet amazing coffee producers in the region of Cauca. These producers expressed the difficulties they were facing in coffee production due to climate change, despite the rising prices. Unfortunately, it was still not enough for them as their production levels continued to decline.

After that meeting, Inmaculada Coffee Farms put up a plan that would benefit both parties. They started by buying small batches of coffee cherries from the producers and processing them at their farm. This initiative relieved the producers from the post-harvest processes, and they were paid a bonus for the quality cherries they had harvested. The clients who cupped those coffees were amazed; some even had the chance to meet the producers and were very happy to be part of this project, supplying, roasting, and serving it at their cafés.

It turned out to be an amazing new intrapreneurship, and in mid-2022, Inmaculada Coffee Farms formally decided to execute this project, now known as the Fellow’s Farms Program.


Situated amidst the breathtaking terrains of Colombia, Inmaculada Coffee Farms emerges as a beacon for discerning coffee enthusiasts globally. This pristine locale sets the stage for the inception of our exceptional coffee beans, resonating with the distinct essence of its terroir. Inmaculada Coffee Farms is cradled by the Andes Mountains, enveloping the plantations at elevations spanning from 1,650 to 2,000 meters above sea level. Such elevations craft a symphony of flavors within the coffee cherries, delivering an unmatched complexity.

The fertile soils, enriched by ancient mineral deposits, bestow a unique character upon the coffee beans. The equatorial climate, marked by distinct wet and dry seasons, fosters ideal conditions for coffee cultivation, ensuring cherries ripen to perfection. Here, amidst this verdant landscape, skilled farmers meticulously nurture the coffee trees, guaranteeing harvests of unparalleled quality.

Delving into a cup of coffee from Inmaculada Coffee Farms, you're transported on a sensory odyssey through this enchanting region. Each sip embodies Colombia's rich coffee heritage, the unwavering dedication of its farmers, and the natural splendor that defines this coffee paradise. Moreover, with the inception of the Fellow's Farms Program, Inmaculada Coffee Farms further solidifies its commitment to community, innovation, and excellence, crafting a legacy that resonates with every brew.

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During our visit to Colombia last year, we had the incredible opportunity to meet the Bayter family. Notably, we established a direct relationship with Shady Bayter, the owner of the Forest company, which imports coffee to Europe.

Thanks to this special connection, we were able to bring this unique Colombian coffee directly to our roastery. It's a testament to the power of personal connections and the journey of our coffee from farm to cup.

About Fellow Farms





ARRIVED IN:35kg Bags


AROMA:Apricot, Strawberry

FLAVOR:Rhubarb, Cherry


FINISH:Red Grapes

More about Fellow farms and Inmaculada

Fellows’ farms is an Inmaculada Coffee Farms project inspired and aimed to improve farmers quality of life by helping them to enhance their agronomical and picking practices while combining it with Inmaculada’s know-how and improving their price point; this way they can reach specialty coffees standards. The Fellows’ Program also aims to portrait the producers to the international markets with all the traceability so all of their work and effort can be appreciated. This way, together, we can deliver excellent coffees from different neighboring producers.

We are working with a group of farmers in the Cauca department in the municipalities of Tambo, Piendamó and Caldono. Together they sum around 60 Hectares of Colombian common varieties planted in agroforestry concept with trees and shrubs so they can protect their crops of adverse weather conditions.