Teapigs Honeybush & Rooibos 15τμχ

Teapigs Honeybush & Rooibos 15τμχ


A nutrient rich blend of rooibos (Afrikaans for "red bush") and honey bush, two native South African shrubs.

They grow only in the Cedarburg mountain region of South Africa, and are harvested and prepared in much the same way as regular tea. **please note** we have recently made a little change to the name on the packaging from 'rooibos' to 'honeybush & rooibos' - but don't worry this is exactly the same blend - just a simple name change.

An earthy, mahogany-colored nectar that gives way to a subtly, nutty flavor. Naturally caffeine free.

One tea temple per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.