Toddy Filter Bags

Toddy Filter Bags


Home Paper Filter Bags (Pack of 20) by Toddy

Toddy has made home cold brew cleaner and easier with the Toddy Home Paper Filter Bags, Pack of 20. Prepare your home brew system as usual but instead of putting in loose grounds, simply place the paper filter, with up to 12-ounces of coffee, into the brewing container. Pour 7 cups of water over the grounds then stir to make certain the grounds are saturated and tightly twist the bag to close. In 12-24 hours, the cold brew concentrate is ready to be enjoyed with your favorite add-ins! Reduce the acidity of your morning coffee by 67% with Toddy Home Paper Filter Bags!

Toddy Home Paper Filter Bags (Pack of 20) Features:

Ideal for brewing up to 1-pound of coffee

Not compatible with the Toddy Cold Brew Commercial Model

Quick and easy clean-up

Increases amount of concentrate yield

Extends the life of the felt filters

Item #: THMPF20