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6th Hellenic AeroPress Championship, powered by KUDU, recently concluded with a resounding success that left attendees buzzing with excitement and caffeine-induced joy.


This year's event, held at the Technopolis venue, was a coffee extravaganza that brought together ambitious baristas and coffee enthusiasts from all corners of Greece.


Here, they gathered to compete in the art of brewing using the aerodynamic AeroPress method, with the ultimate prize being a coveted ticket to the AeroPress World Championship 2023 in Melbourne. However, beyond the competition, it was a heartwarming gathering of coffee lovers who came to have fun and revel in the world of coffee.

The success of the 6th Hellenic AeroPress Championship wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of sponsors and partners. Let's give a big shoutout to these incredible contributors:

A massive shoutout to our official sponsor, Comandante Grinder, for providing Comandante Grinders to our top three finalists and delightful goodies for all attendees!


Our grand sponsor, Profitec, deserves special recognition for offering a GO espresso machine to the deserving winner and for hosting the competition's brew bar, complete with their exceptional machines throughout the event.


We owe a huge thanks to BELCO Coffee for generously supplying their incredible coffee beans, fueling all the rounds of the competition and giving our competitors the boost, they needed.

Big love to YumTales for their stylish tote bags, a perfect accessory for our finalists!

To Qualita Unica, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your sponsorship and for being a significant presence at our brew bar. Your support was invaluable.


A special thank you to Wellness Stores for consistently being by our side at every AeroPress Championship, ensuring the water checking procedure runs smoothly, and always doing so with a smile – thank you!


Our event was made even more delightful by the presence of Flor de Cana and their amazing rum cocktails, which kept the day running smoothly and added an extra layer of fun.


To all our supporters, @elcafesa @giesencoffeeroasters thank you for your unwavering support and contributions @coffeedeskcom thank you for this year's fellow kettles that helped our competitors brew their way to victory.


The event received extensive media coverage and promotion, thanks to dedicated partners:

A special shoutout to MeetMeUpStars for being our media sponsor and supporter, taking our event to greater heights with their media coverage.

Last but certainly not least, we want to express our sincere appreciation to our media partners: Snack & Coffee, Savoir Ville, Neolaia, HuffPost, and Provocateur. Thank you for your invaluable support and for showcasing our event on your channels.

To the Athens Coffee Festival, a heartfelt thank you for hosting and welcoming us once again during the most incredible coffee celebration ever!

The competition was made even more special by the incredible judges, who not only brought their expertise and guru-level knowledge of coffee but also infused the event with their amazing vibes and cheerful mood.


Athanasios Nikolis / Sotos Michael / Kostas Kalafatas / Stavros Lamprinidis / Christos Loukakis / George Makropoulos / Savina Giachgia / Christos Ntouvas / Giorgos Delichristos / Nikos Kanakaris / Dimitris Pantelis / Dimitris Karampas

Special thanks to Stavros Lamprinidis for his outstanding presentation and unique humor that added charm to the competition.

Nick Constas fired up the decks with his music, and John Roussos added humor with his stand-up comedy performances during breaks, making it a day full of entertainment.

Congratulations to the 3 finalists - 3rd place Giannis Galiatsatos, 2nd place Stoforos Nick, and the big winner, Stelios Antoniou, who emerged victorious among 54 contestants. He will proudly represent Greece in the World AeroPress Championship in Melbourne in December.


A massive salute to the dedicated team behind the scenes, including runners, graphic artists, soundcheck experts, and event coordinators. They worked tirelessly to make this competition one of the most successful yet.

As we say goodbye to this incredible event, we can't wait for what the next year will bring with even more surprises and celebrations in store.

The 6th Hellenic AeroPress Championship was not just a competition; it was a celebration of coffee, friendship, and the vibrant coffee community. The competitors, hailing from various coffee brands, came together to celebrate coffee and functioned as a unified team. The event's sponsors, participants, judges, and behind-the-scenes heroes all came together to create an atmosphere of happiness, fun, and festivity.

See you all next year for another dose of caffeine-infused joy.