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Maybe the favorite beverage for most of the people.

But how much was the coffee industry affected by the unprecedented pandemic and its consequences?

There are many people involved who are directly or indirectly financially dependent on coffee and they are worried!

One of the major problems during this period of temporary travel restriction was that many of the seasonal workers could not go to the farms. As a result a big part of the harvest was being at risk. Producers in countries such as Brazil and Colombia saw the prices rise until March, as most exporters temporarily reduced their business activity. The fact that the restaurants and cafes were closed was enough to create a big gap in the demand for coffee that would hardly be covered by home consumption.

The good news is that Colombia has now reported a 12% increase in coffee exports in June compared to last year. It was a team effort towards a common goal. There has been a great cooperation between producers and authorities so that everyone can do their job always according to the new rules and safety protocols that have now entered in everyone's life.

What played a positive role is the offer of work by locals who covered the needs of each region for manpower, which as a result had a significant reduction in migration and consequently the spread of the virus.

Finishing, we wish that things are going to get better from now on and that everyone stays healthy and can continue to enjoy their favorite beverage for many, many years.