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Summer in the city? What better than a freshly brunch!

Whatever your opinion on this, brunch is undoubtedly an integral part of our eating habits. For those who do not know the etymology of the term, it is a combination of two words that indicate its meaning: breakfast + lunch = brunch. That is, a combination of breakfast with lunch for those who prefer to eat later on Sundays - and not only.

What we love most about brunch is the playful disposition to deviate from the classic rules. Dessert? Salty? A dish with eggs, cake or a burger?

Everything's on!

And especially now, if summer in the city spoils your mood, the delicious combinations of Kudu Coffee Shop are probably what you need.

Below you will find some suggestions that we guarantee will satisfy you, whatever your appetite craves:

We are sure that tomato eggs with feta and onion on toasted bread will take you back to family memories.

If you don't prefer something so "traditional", we suggest you try the poached eggs on brioche with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

As for the really hungry, we have to suggest you the ultimate hangover dish: burger with pork neck, cabbage salad, egg, barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise!

Finally, there is always room for desert! Wonderfully refreshing mastic - lime mousse and crunchy cinnamon rolls or fluffy pancakes in different combinations are waiting for you to taste them.

Of course all of the above is just a small taste of the menu that you can find at Kudu Coffee Shop. So we are waiting for you to visit us, to discover one by one all of our delicious suggestions up close or follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn all of our delicious news!