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The temperature is rising, as is the mood for coffee. For many, the change of weather also means a change in their favorite beverage. So, with the first heats of the year, cold coffees begins. The most well-known types of cold filter coffee are: cold drip, cold brew and nitro. But do you know the differences between them?
  1. Cold Drip
As soon as the coffee is made is been extracted directly on ice cubes. This is a simple process and relatively quick, as all you have to do is prepare the ground coffee and do what you would do in a pour over. Of course, the recipe is usually different, as usually the problem that one may face up in this type of coffee is that the result is diluted and the coffee is not strong enough. For this reason, if you choose to make a cold drip, you should calculate the amount of coffee you will use.
  1. Cold brew
Making a coffee with cold brewing is more time consuming than cold drip, as it is not a simple coffee brew. Unlike cold drip here the coffee is made without any heat.To prepare a cold brew, you should leave the ground coffee in contact with cold water or room temperature water for about 12 to 24 hours. The more you leave the coffee in contact with the water, the stronger its taste will be. The filtered mixture that you have prepared, can be served with ice and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days.
  1. Nitro
Nitro coffee is a version of Cold Brew and we could say a more sophisticated form of it. Here the coffee is extracted with the same method of cold brew, only at the end it is placed in special nitrogen containers. Compared to cold brew, its texture is richer while it has a natural sweetness. That's why nitro is never served with ice or milk. Finally, this is a type of coffee that you cannot easily make at home unlike the other two that you can make yourself.
Choose one of the following varieties and prepare your own cold coffee!