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You will find the coffee tree thriving in wet areas without very cold temperatures and climate changes. Sudden changes and very high temperatures kill these trees. The climate that a coffee-producing tree needs to grow is tropical, because there is a lot of regular rainfall there, which helps the coffee tree to bloom. The more flowers a coffee tree has, the more fruit it will produce. As soon as the coffee flowers wither, they turn into fruit.

The two main types of coffee are Arabica coffee and Canephora coffee, which also grow on the relevant trees. The Canephora, popularly known as Robusta (canephora variety), tends to be more bitter than Arabica and is generally considered a less good coffee. This does not mean that it is always "worse" in terms of quality, just because it grows easier, faster and at lower altitudes, it is often cheaper. Also in terms of taste, it is relatively inferior compared to the varieties of the genus Arabica. Although this coffee by itself is rarely used to make espresso, as mentioned above it is very bitter, it is not uncommon for someone to add it to an espresso blend in order to give more body and intensity to the coffee.

Harvest method
There is a variety of harvesting methods. The most common are: shaking, harvesting by hand and collecting by machine. The shaking method is done by shaking the branches by hand when the fruits are still ripe. The method by hand, or hand peaking, is done when the fruits are well ripened and the workers pick the fruit one by one from each branch. The latest collection method, which is machine-made, is mostly used for large plantations.

There two main methods that coffee can be processed: Liquid and dry. In the liquid treatment method, the fruits are washed, peeled, washed again and finally dried without the fruit. In contrast, in the dry processing method coffee is dried together with the fruit.

Quality control takes place in order for the best coffee beans to arrive in your cup. Last but not least is the roasting of coffee. That is, the process by which the coffee bean is dehydrated and transformed from green to brown. The more a coffee is roasted, the more it changes color.

We ensure the course of the coffee from the grain to your cup. All you have to do is choose your own coffee and enjoy it.
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