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We all know Chemex. For years, it has been perhaps, the most classic utensil for making filter coffee.

Chemex now presents its new, stylish and much more modern utensil that is a real ornament for every home.

Much smaller than the original utensil, so it is much easier to transport even if you want to take it with you on your vacation. Durable, as a double-wall with benefits such as excellent temperature maintenance and protection from the heat.

A silicone cushion protects the contact between the utensil and your cup with small ridges that allow air to pass through.

Funnex uses the amazing Chemex filters, which are compatible with the small size of the classic 3 cups and offer the extraction you expect from a Chemex.

The Chemex we knew so far was used to make a lot of coffee! Even the small size "took out" 3 cups.
Now, with Funnex you can make just one cup of coffee, exactly what you need to start your day.

Along with the double-walled mug with it's unique hourglass shape, which maintains the temperature of your drink, you will be able to enjoy your coffee every day!

The new Funnex is here and it's the best addition you can make to your collection.

Find it along with the double-walled mug here


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