Colombia El Placer (150g)

Colombia El Placer (150g)


Savor the enchanting blend of rose, peach, and brown spices in the aroma of this coffee. The flavor profile boasts juicy peach mango and a touch of lemon peel, offering a silky and delightful body. Conclude the experience with a refreshing aftertaste of tangerine and subtle notes of rosemary. This coffee promises a refined and memorable journey in every cup.

1500 m

Wush Wush

El Placer


FARM: El Placer


Embark on the captivating journey of the El Placer project, masterfully initiated by Sebastián Ramírez, a fourth-generation coffee grower with over fourteen years of hands-on experience in the world of coffee. Rooted in his family farm, this project has expanded to encompass the coffee estates of small-scale growers in Quindío and Huila.

Sebastián's expertise, honed at the National Coffee School SENA in Quindío, lays the foundation for the El Placer venture. His innovative approach, particularly centered around the natural process, has given rise to distinct protocols that artfully capture the unique profiles of each coffee variety, notably the exquisite Wush Wush. This project is a testament to Sebastián's dedication and the harmonious collaboration with local growers, resulting in a symphony of flavors that showcase the essence of each coffee bean.


Nestled in the picturesque region of Quindío, the El Placer farm stands as a testament to the rich coffee heritage that has flourished in this Colombian haven. Situated amidst the lush landscapes of Quindío, known for its fertile soils and ideal climate, this unique lot from El Placer captures the essence of its terroir. The altitude, ranging in harmony with the Andean mountains, imparts a distinctive character to the coffee beans, ensuring a cup that encapsulates the essence of its origin. As you embark on a journey with each sip, envision the rolling hills and the dedicated hands that cultivate this exceptional lot, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Colombian coffee culture. Welcome to the heart of Quindío, where the El Placer farm weaves together tradition, terroir, and taste in every carefully harvested bean.

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We got to know Colombia El Placer via Col Spirit. Col-Spirit focuses on Colombian specialty coffee, offering fully traceable coffees with unique identities. They prioritize single-origin and single-farm beans.Their coffee is sourced from various family farms, some of which have a tradition and experience spanning over 100 years. These families are eager to showcase their exceptional coffee to the world, but often lack the necessary resources to pursue their dreams. To support them, Col-Spirit purchases the coffee directly from the farms.They avoid intermediaries, cooperatives, and coffee agencies that primarily prioritize their own interests.Col-Spirit is committed to educating farmers through workshops, helping them enhance their processes for picking, selecting, washing, and drying coffee beans. Furthermore, they meticulously cup and profile their coffee to ensure that customers receive the finest Colombian coffee available.

About El Placer

PRODUCER:Sebastian Ramirez



PROCESS:Natural mosto

ARRIVED IN:24kg box


AROMA:Rose, Peach, Spices

FLAVOR:Mango, Lemon peel, Peach

BODY:Juicy and silky

FINISH:Tangerine, Rosemary

The meticulous process of crafting our exceptional coffee begins with the careful measurement of Brix in the cherries. Once achieving the desired Brix level, the selected cherries undergo a precise fermentation process. Placed in a 200-liter plastic tank, an injection of CO2, meticulously calculated based on the planned fermentation hours, initiates the transformative stage. Orchestrated by the Head of Post-Harvest Processes, this single fermentation process, tailored to each variety, reveals unique flavor notes. For the distinguished Wush Wush, the cherries spend 280 hours inside the tanks, enriched further with the addition of mosto, the coffee's extracted "juice," to enhance the flavor profile.

Following fermentation, the coffee is carefully dried on concrete patios under a transparent roof, allowing controlled exposure to sunlight at 70% strength. The drying area maintains temperature and humidity control to prevent undesirable notes post-milling. After hand selection and meticulous scrutiny, the coffee undergoes a final selection post-milling. Achieving the optimal humidity level between 9.5% and 11%, the coffee is then stored in GrainPro bags for 2-3 weeks to stabilize its exquisite flavors. The culmination of this intricate process results in a coffee ready for milling and export, embodying the artistry and dedication of the El Placer farm.