Comandante Polymer Bean Jar & Lid - Purple
Comandante Polymer Bean Jar & Lid - Purple

Comandante Polymer Bean Jar & Lid - Purple


Lightweight and basically unbreakable, the Polymer Bean Jar is the perfect travel solution. Use it to safely transport your beans, to hold your ground coffee, or even to drink your freshly brewed coffee from — its thick walls insulate the heat, keeping your coffee warmer for longer and your fingers safe.

The new design offers some great workflow advantages too. All Polymer Bean Jars are totally uniform in weight — ideal for pre-weighing multiple doses of coffee at home, at work, or at competitions. What’s more, this high-performance polymer makes it easier to remove unwanted chaff from your ground coffee with the aid of static charge, improving cup quality. Finally, the super smooth and vertical sidewalls help with minimal retention of coffee grounds — less waste and faster when dosing into your brewer or portafilter.

Comandante® uses only BPA-free high-performance polymers that meet the strictest food-safety standards. Safe and gentle for you and your precious coffee beans but engineered to be tough and robust and endure years of heavy use. Made in Germany.

Quick facts:

  • Food safe, BPA-free, high-performance polymer
  • 100% compatible with Comandante® C40 Mk3 and Mk4
  • Perfect travel solution — lightweight & basically unbreakable, use as a cup
  • Workflow advantages — uniform weight, smooth sidewalls, static chaff removal
  • Multiple colors available - choose your style!
  • Made in Germany
  • packaging: 88g and 62x62x67mm


- Polymer Bean Jar & Lid