Guatemala La Roblada (250g)

Guatemala La Roblada (250g)


Juicy and clean. Raisins, raspberry, chocolate, cherries and cocoa in the aromas and flavor. Juicy bright acidity. Smooth and delicate. The sweet tart finish resonates with red apple, blackberry and sweet vanilla notes.

1800 m

Cattura Bourbon, Catuai

La roblada


FARM: La Roblada


Joel Mendez has been growing coffee for 22 years. He inherited his farm from his father, whom he helped work the farm in his youth and that’s how he learned all the techniques of growing of coffee.

This year, Joel managed to get the highest profile score ever for coffee from his farm - 87.5 points. He is incredibly proud of it.


Huehuetenango is located in the rocky Western highlands of Guatemala bordering Mexico. Thanks to the elevation and varied microclimates of this mountainous region, coffee from Huehuetenango is well known worldwide for its bright and crisp acidity.

Huehuetenango lies in the Los Cuchumatanes mountain range, the highest point of which is known as “La Torre,” which reaches almost 3800 meters above sea level. Of the three non-volcanic coffee growing regions of Guatemala, Huehuetenango is the highest and driest under cultivation. Thanks to the dry, hot winds that blow into the mountains from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain, the region is protected from frost, allowing coffee in Huehuetenango to be cultivated up to 2000 meters. The cool, crisp winds from the Cuchumatanes help moderate the temperature, which ranges from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.

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Thiscoffee arrived to our Roastery via ifest. Fest coffee Mission is aCompany that provides only direct trade green coffee from farms in Central andSouth America. They represent more than 200 farms from Guatemala, El Salvador,Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Ethiopia. Theypay considerable attention to the natural way of coffee processing, as well asto the experimental aerobic and anaerobic types of fermentation. Collaborationwith them started 2018.

About La Roblada

PRODUCER:Joel Mendez




ARRIVED IN:69kg Grain Pro

VARIETIES:Cattura, Bourbon, catuai

AROMA:Black cherries, Cocoa

FLAVOR:Raisins, Citrus, Nougat

BODY:Juicy and Clean

FINISH:Red Apple, Cherries

This is one of the usual coffee processes, but with a strict compliance to hygienic standards during harvesting. The equipment used in the processing may look different in each area, but the main purpose of the method remains the same - to clean the grain from the pulp immediately after harvest. At the same time, it is important to select berries that are perfectly ripe at the time of harvest - over ripe or unripe cherries negatively affect the taste of the hot drink.

Freshly picked coffee is served from 2 pm to 9 pm. The washing process takes place the next morning. Coffee is transferred to a wet mill, where it is cleaned from floaters. The pulp is then separated from the grain using the depulpator machine.

The grain is then dried on a patio under the sun until the moisture content of the grens is 12%. From each batch of dried coffee, a sample is sent to the quality control department to check the profile of taste and quality of coffee.

Grains are stored in the bags for one or two months. Before sending for export,they are cleaned using a haller machine. Green beans are packed in 69-kg jute bags with GrainPro protection.