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In KUDU, small quantities are roasted almost every day so that you always have the freshest result.

The procedure that we follow is to roast at your order, so that wherever you are in the world, you receive your coffee as close as possible to the roasting day. This is something that you can easily find out as the date is written on each box you receive.

What we seek is the best quality control and absolute transparency in the process that is followed.

Something that may not be widely known is how important the "rest time" is after roasting coffee.

Rest time

When green bean is roasted it releases moisture allowing carbon dioxide (CO2) to be trapped inside. Therefore, coffee bags have one-way valves, allowing the gas to be extracted over time so that the bags do not "explode" but also prevent oxygen from entering so that the coffee does not get oxidized.

So how does this affect the taste of coffee?

It's very simple. Imagine eating a hot meal. You will not be able to taste anything other than steam in your mouth. If you give a little time to cool slightly then you will be able to feel all the flavors and aromas more easily.

Same thing with coffee. When we allow the coffee to rest after roasting, of course packaged and before opening, then all the flavors will stand out, offering greater clarity to your cup. In short, giving coffee the time to rest, what you taste is the pure taste of its beans and not the trapped carbon dioxide that is considered not to give a pleasant taste to freshly roasted coffee.

We take care of you

At KUDU we always make sure that the coffee comes to you "rested" and ready to enjoy it.

The recommended consumption time after opening your coffee bag is between
10-30 days. This does not mean that the coffee after these days gets spoiled, just the intensity of the aromas and flavors are not as intense as the first day you open the coffee bag and your whole house is filled with wonderful scents.

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Enjoy and happy brewing!