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Many often confuse it with cappuccino or latte. Others are completely unaware of its existence. Of course we are talking about Flat White Coffee! But what is the difference between the last one and the other two? Let us try to unravel the mystery surrounding his identity.
What makes it different?

Double dose espresso ristretto. This is the basis of a flat white. Unlike a cappuccino and a latte, where the dosage is completely different. Some people think that in order for a coffee to be considered "flat white", it must be served in a transparent glass. This is a misconception, as it is all about dosage and not where they it’s placed.

The difference is in the milk!

The most important difference of flat white and the other two types of coffee is the swelling of the milk. Technically some baristas choose not to inflate the milk in two thirds (as for a cappuccino), as they believe that this affects its sweetness negatively. This is because many are unaware of the differences in milk volume. We will analyze the different textures of milk below. Each time we steam the milk, the final product is divided into three different layers: at the top we have the hardest milk with bigger bubbles (but not prohibitive), in the middle a more compact form, with much smaller cells and a more glossy face and in the end the milk is almost pure, where it helps with homogenization of the final product. When we prepare a flat white, the part of the milk that interests us is only the intermediate velvety foam milk, with the very small air cells, since this is not only shinier and visually nice, but mainly because the milk in this form has the sweetest taste. This is mixed with the coffee using the free pour technique, so that there is no obvious separation of coffee and milk. Therefore, the noticeable difference between flat white and other beverages lies in the way milk is prepared and infused. And so, we have a creamy result, which is dominated by the strong taste of coffee due to the double dose.

We hope we have answered your questions and that from now on you can make up-to-date choices for your favorite drinks - or even impress your friends with your knowledge! In any case, we suggest that you choose Colombia Finca Camelia coffee or Colombia La Maria, whose buttery body promises to be the perfect base for your drink.