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As a coffee fan you have two options: either you will drink a simple coffee or you will enjoy a specialty coffee. The term specialty has appeared in recent years. Basically, it is coffee derived from grains of exceptional quality. These grains are grown in the most suitable conditions and essentially provide a unique taste in the final result. Thanks to the climatic conditions, the growing soil, the way of processing and finally the way of sorting after processing. From the moment of sowing until the moment it reaches the cup, this coffee is evaluated at every stage. And if at any stage it does not meet the requirements, it cannot be considered a specialty.

To qualify as a specialty coffee, it must meet certain criteria and go through the Raw Coffee rating system. Only after examining the batch of coffee and there are no defective beans, do we understand that the batch meets the criteria of a specialty coffee. The first thing to check is the color of the grain. The acceptable range of shades is from blue-green, light blue-green, green, pale green, green-yellow to pale yellow. In addition, it is examined if the grain has been damaged by fungus. The sample usually is taken for evaluation is 350 grams per sack. After examining the granules, a specific cupping procedure is followed by certified tasters. They then complete the special form for cupping during tasting. The final score of the game must be over 82 and up to 100 points, which is excellent. Indicatively, some fields of the form that must be filled are the acidity, the sweetness, the purity of the taste, and so on.

In order to keep the taste and aromatic characteristics of the coffee unchanged and fresh, we take care of its immediate and timely delivery to our customers, just a few days after its roasting. The peculiarity of our coffee varieties lies in the taste and aromatic characteristics (acidity, body, taste, and aroma) that compose their profile, as well as their guaranteed course from the bean to the cup.

A test will convince you!

  • COLOMBIA LOS IDOLOS is a coffee with aromas of flowers, raspberry, pure citrus acidity and soft feeling.
  • ETHIOPIA ABERA IREBE is an intense and exotic coffee, with aroma of honeysuckle and lavender, with rich acidity and silky feel of flowers in the mouth.
  • ETHIOPIA ABERA ARARSO is a coffee with a mild taste, which is enlivened by notes of raspberry, cashews and dried cloves.

When your path takes you to Estrella World Street Food, ask to enjoy the new single-variety coffee of unique origin, located exclusively there. This is a new cafe of unique origin from Colombia, and specifically from the Las Margaritas farm, Cafe Granja La Esperanza. Another variety that will win you over from the first moment, thanks to the notes of honey, chocolate, peach and brown sugar.