Ethiopia Bule Adado (250g)

Ethiopia Bule Adado (250g)


Indulge in a coffee symphony that dances across your senses. Our coffee unfolds like a floral masterpiece with the fragrant allure of lychee, chamomile, and jasmine intertwining delicately. As you sip, a burst of cherries and guava sweeps you away on a fruit-forward journey, guided by a luscious, syrupy mouthfeel. In this intricate tapestry of flavors, hibiscus adds a subtle twist of tartness, while passion fruit lends its exotic charm, creating a captivating harmony that defines this exceptional brew. Explore the essence of luxury in every cup, where each sip is a voyage through a garden of delights.

1900-2500 m

Kudhume & Welisho & Dego



FARM: Yirgacheffe


Adado, a pivotal cooperative within the illustrious Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), embodies the essence of traceable excellence. YCFCU, born with government patronage, acts as a guardian for these primary cooperatives, meticulously representing each individual washing station.

Unlike generic labels that cloak the origins of many coffees, YCFCU ensures every bean can be traced back to the very kebele it hails from. In a realm where coffee blends are often assembled to meet contractual demands, YCFCU remains steadfast, exporting only the finest from the Gedeo Zone.
In a nod to the world of exclusivity akin to champagne, cheddar cheese, or a Melton Mowbray Pork pie, YCFCU operates in a similar fashion.

Just as Stilton cheese has never hailed from Stilton, YCFCU safeguards the purity of their lots, only blending with unanimous consent and crystal-clear transparency in lot names. Each cup of Adado whispers tales of tradition, heritage, and the meticulous care bestowed upon it.


Daro Kebele, nestled along the border with Adado Kebele and graced by the tranquil Aboole River, is a hidden gem in the heart of the Bule District, Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region (SNNPR). Its pristine location showcases the beauty of Ethiopia's landscape, where nature's serenity meets the warmth of community life.

The climate in Yirgacheffe is warm and temperate. In the winter, there is much less rainfall than the summer, with an annual average of 1525mm and a difference of 246mm of precipitation between the wettest and driest months. The average temperature across Yirgacheffe is 18.4 degrees Celsius.

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Bule Adado arrived to our roastery via EL CAFÉ, a company established in 2000 by Vasileios G. Anastasopoulos that is solely concerned in the coffee producing countries with discovering new coffee varieties on special farms.

Since then they supplie most of the largest coffee producing companies in Greece, by remaining as a dedicated green coffee import and trading company.

About Bule Adado



ALTITUDE:1900-2500 m



VARIETIES:Kudhume & Welisho & Dego

AROMA:Jasmine, Lychee

FLAVOR:Chamomile, Guava, Cherries


FINISH:Hibiscus, Guava, Passion fruit

Adado, a key player within the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU), embodies a commitment to quality and traceability. With government backing, unions like YCFCU were established to assist primary cooperatives in marketing and selling their coffee.

YCFCU proudly represents each unique washing station, ensuring that no coffee carries a generic label. Every batch can be traced back to the kebele level, guaranteeing transparency.

Unlike other markets where blends obscure origins, YCFCU exclusively exports coffee from the Gedeo Zone. They don't own the coffee but act as meticulous custodians. Hand-sorting by farmers is a labor of love, with naturals sun-dried on raised beds, a process that spans up to 30 days to achieve optimal moisture levels.